Present a Seminar at Mercy Corps Northwest

Join our accomplished team of volunteer seminar presenters.


  • Have a desire to give back to the community by contributing to the success of small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Have relevant business expertise and skills in public speaking or adult education


  • A diverse group of small business owners (most with 1-5 employees)
  • Generally earn less than the median family income
  • May not have received formal business education
  • Many may arrive with experience running their own small business

To get started, please fill out the following form.


Next Steps

What we will need from you

1. Please allow 2 weeks for us to review your application.
2. Complete a brief seminar proposal form, once approved. (See “Seminar Proposal Format” at the bottom of this page)
3. We will work with you to schedule your seminar 2-3 months in advance, once your topic is approved.
3. 1 month before seminar, we will request marketing information including: seminar description, presenter bio, and professional profile photo.
4. (optional) 2 weeks before the seminar, submit a blog post to be featured on our blog and in our e-newsletter. Share the event information with your network.
5. 1 week before the seminar, submit any accompanying materials to be used with presentation (handouts, worksheets, powerpoint slideshow)

What you will receive from us

1. We will market the seminar to the community once we have appropriate marketing materials.
2. We will have your class materials ready (Handouts printed and slideshow loaded onto our laptop).
3. We will register guests and introduce you.
4. We will summarize evaluations and provide feedback about your presentation.
5. If we invite you back, we will help you to develop future presentations

Seminar Proposal Format

Please include the following in your Seminar Proposal:
a. Name of topic
b. Brief description of contents of topic (top 5 bullet points)
c. What media will you use as a presenter?  (power point slides, handouts, lecture, etc)
d. What materials will you give the participants?
e. How will you plan to interact with your audience?  (exercises, etc)
f. At the end of your seminar, what will your students have learned?