How to Attract More Customers

By Mark Paul, author of “The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide.” Mark will be presenting “Attracting More Customers” on February 6th from 6 to 9pm.

Do you have all the customers you need? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to attract more customers? Have you tried advertisements, newsletters, trade-shows, social media / SEO efforts, “collateral,” Internet / SEO, and dozens of other ways – without the success you would like? Are you happy with the status-quo? Would you like to turbocharge your sales efforts, maybe double or triple your sales, without paying a fortune?

There are several marketing secrets that no one really discusses. In fact, if you talk with a hundred different marketing consultants, you are likely to get 99 different opinions about what to do. And, probably in their own areas of expertise. You can’t afford to try them all, but isn’t that what you’ve been doing? Without the success you would like?

If you are ready to learn changes you can make in order to boost revenue and your company’s value, then read on.

What does “strategic marketing” mean?

The secret to increasing sales has everything to do with being effective, instead of efficient. And it has everything to do with “managing by facts,” instead of through seat-of-thepants marketing. If one marketing method brings ten times the response rates over a second method, then why even spend a dime on that second way? Yet time after time, that is exactly what business owners do. Because that’s what they think “marketing” is: doing lots of “marketing”. This approach is quite natural and pervasive, but it can be very ineffective. If you are interested in making your trade shows the best they can be, but they yield the lowest close ratios, then why make it perfect? Or do it at all? Find out what works and do that, instead.

The difference between tactical marketing and strategic marketing is simple: Tactical marketing is “doing stuff,” and strategic marketing is focused on getting results. It has to do with knowing, instead of guessing (through marketing failures), what will and won’t work … before you spend loads of cash on any particular marketing initiative.

Doing six marketing “things”… may generate a lot of leads… but if they are not the right leads, nor converting to sales – in the shortest time, what do you do? You add a seventh “thing.” This spreads out your limited marketing $s even thinner. If you knew which one marketing approach gave you the largest return on your investment, wouldn’t you simply do just that one thing? Why do more? Spend more? Get lower returns? This just doesn’t make sense, yet business owners do it all the time… because most “marketing types” are great at marketing tactics – not necessarily marketing strategies. In tactical marketing, more (spending) is better. In strategic marketing less (spending) is better. And just talking about strategic marketing doesn’t mean you’re actually doing it.

The “You bet your company” question is…how can you leverage your limited marketing resources to yield even greater returns?

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Mark Paul has over thirty years of executive level leadership experience – including 11 years at Global 500 companies (Ford and Northrop Corporations, where he built a 250-person business unit in two years) and 20 years of business leadership consulting and interim executive work as Managing Partner at Synergy Consulting Group, an executive / business development consultancy.  Synergy Consulting ( helps companies attract more customers, increase their revenue, profitability and company value.  Mark has served on boards of directors and advisers for several companies.

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