Client Success Stories: Misty Falls Body Works

“I can see and feel my work helping people. It reduces anxiety and stress and helps people go on to accomplish the good work they do with more ease.”

Misty Fall used a Mercy Corps NW IDA Grant to start Misty Fall Body Works LLC, a certified Amma Therapy/Massage business housed in Awakenings Wellness Center in Southeast Portland. After suffering a traumatic car accident and living with chronic pain for years, and seeing many practitioners of different modalities, Misty found a solution to the pain through massage therapy which sparked the idea for a new career path.

“Before becoming a licensed practitioner, I worked at a non-profit where I had 150  or so brief interactions a day. I wanted to make deeper  one-on-one connections and do a job I felt good about, one that would help me give back to the community,” Misty explains.

After completing the Amma Therapy program at Wellspring School for the Healing Arts in 2016, Misty heard about a program that could turn their business dreams into a reality. Misty heard about Mercy Corps Northwest’s IDA program  from one of our partners Beneficial Bank. Misty went though the IDA program  and used the grant money to pay for a massage chair, business laptop, and continuing education courses. Misty’s business is now booming, and they have recently extend their hours so they can take on more clients.

Misty is passionate about making the space safer for people of all sizes and identities they explain,

“My priority is to help everyone feel comfortable and welcome, trans folks, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color and people with any size body. I ask what everyone’s pronoun is and provide arm extenders (bought with Mercy Corps NW grant money) to make the table larger and more comfortable. Because I recognize that trauma is held in the body people seem to open up to me and in turn I provide a safer space for them to heal. I listen and tailor each treatment to the client’s needs as well as give tips to incorporate and improve their daily life. It’s whole body healing: mind, body, and spirit.”

Through Misty’s pain, healing was born and we are proud to have played a part in the creation of Misty Fall Body Works. Visit their website  to learn about the ancient healing art of Amma Therapy and how Misty’s services can help you relieve stress, tension, or pain so you can live your life to the fullest and keep on doing more good.

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