Does mindfulness lead to greater business success?

Guest post by Portland Conscious Women Entrepreneurs


Have you ever wondered if mindfulness leads to greater business success?

Andrea Leda, Conscious Living Coach

On June 11, Conscious Living Coach Andrea Leda was a guest speaker for Portland Conscious Women Entrepreneurs in partnership with the Women’s Business Center at Mercy Corps Northwest.  A successful solopreneur, Andrea credits much of her business success to consistent mindfulness and 7 the conscious habits she shared in her workshop.  In this follow-up interview with Andrea, she’ll talk about some of those key habits and recommend some simple practices you can put into place to support your own business goals.


Andrea, when did you first realize the role that mindfulness plays in growing a successful business?  How did you change the way you approach business as a result?

I first realized what an important role mindfulness plays in the success of my work when, by accident, I found that I could work with ease and joy or I could hustle and be overwhelmed and have the same results. Why not choose the former? I still put as much intention into my work but now I love every ounce of energy I dedicate to my work.

This changed everything. I gave myself permission to question how much I was harming myself by always being available for my work over everything else in my life that was just as important to me. The odd thing is, the way I work now allows for me to live balanced in all areas of my life and my work is having more impact than ever before. Your best work will not come at the sacrifice of your best life. It’s quite the opposite actually.

Do you know what kind of life you’re building? How can your business support this? Where is it detracting from it? You get to choose these things. Your business only has a mind of its own when you decide to let it call the shots. What about what you really want? Start there. Let this be your guide. You will be amazed at what a difference it makes in your life and your work.


In your workshop, you shared 7 conscious habits that have had a significant positive impact in your business.  What are the three most impactful conscious habits, and why?

The three most impactful conscious habits are –

1) Take your heart out of the box

Pour your heart into your work. It’s not just business, it’s personal! Doing conscious work is the most personal thing you can possibly do. It’s ok to work from this place. It doesn’t leave you vulnerable as in exposed, it makes you resilient and connected to what you’re doing. Your heart is a great guide to tell you if you’re on the right path or not. Are you listening?

2) Serve always and in all ways

Do you give more than you ask to receive? The universal law of cause and effect is an infinite sign. You literally get what you give. Serve with your intention and your energy. One way I do this is by intentionally seeking out 30 powerful conversations every month. These are coaching conversations that serve the person I’m speaking with entirely. Not to sell but to serve. How do you serve? Where can you serve more?

3) Answer your calling

Have you answered your calling? Each of us has a great offering we’re here to fulfill. For many entrepreneurs their work and their calling align – what an incredible blessing!


As a Conscious Living Coach, what are some common challenges that your clients are experiencing, and how do you help them?

The most common challenges include living from a very reactionary place, feeling overwhelmed by life, and a lack of life balance or intention in other areas of their life. My entrepreneur clients may be working on their purpose but are not working with purpose.

In my coaching we focus on a few key ingredients – we re-evaluate your stories and beliefs that have you in such a cycle. Then we look at what it means to live with intention and mindfulness. These two things alone can shift your perspective and remind you that you do have a choice and it is within reach. You can end parts of your life that seem to be on repeat and call in a way of living that feels renewing, inspiring, and purposeful.


What would advice would you give to conscious entrepreneurs who are seeking a balance between growing a successful, purpose-driven business and maintaining a healthy, stress-free lifestyle?

I love this question. My simple piece of advice is this – do what makes you happy. Period. Happiness never comes at the cost of your health or those you love. Why did you decide to join the world of entrepreneurialism? Because you had a vision, a message, and a means to deliver something you knew was needed.

The world needs people like you but it also needs those same people to enjoy it because that is the energy that gets recycled. Stop thinking about what you should do and start doing what feels best. You won’t get lazy, I promise. You have more drive than you know what to do with. But maybe you’ll actually start to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build. Not in the future, but today, right now.

To learn more about Andrea’s work and connect with her, visit her website. For more information about Portland Conscious Women Entrepreneurs and our upcoming business trainings for women, join our MeetUp group.

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