Get All the Business You Want: Never Sell Again!

By Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, the Marketing Coach and a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Certified Professional Coach. Ronnie will be presenting “Learning the Secrets of Soft Selling” on March 27th, 6-9pm.

Is “selling” a dirty word to you?

Then strike it from your vocabulary right now.

The most successful salespeople in the world don’t sell because they don’t have to sell—they SERVE. That’s because they understand three key concepts:

First, not everybody in the world is a prospect (or has the potential to become a client). They know exactly who needs, wants, and is prepared to buy what they’ve got, and those are the people they focus on. They don’t waste time trying to persuade people who don’t want their products or services that they do.

Second, whatever it is they are selling may not be the right solution for every person, so their approach to their prospects is not to sell, but to find the right solution.

Third, they understand that people buy from people they know, like, and trust, so service rather than simply making a sale is the priority.

They serve their prospects by asking questions, exploring options, and really paying attention to what their prospects want. And then, the truly great salespeople help them get it. Once (and only IF) they’ve determined they’ve got what the prospect wants (and not before), they offer it as a viable solution.

If they haven’t got what will serve best, a great salesperson refers to a better provider.

So the next time you find yourself slipping into “sales” mode, ask yourself: “what would serve this person best?”

Once you have determined that your prospect is interested in the outcome you have to offer, and is committed to making that change, then it is your obligation to offer your services, to invite that prospect to relieve her pain, to experience the solution you offer, and to get the result she is looking for. It is your obligation to offer your solution because your intention is to serve.

When you frame your sales conversations this way, you’re not asking questions to enrich yourself, but to help your prospect get what she wants.  Got that?

Solving someone’s problem by providing a needed, wanted, and appreciated product or service isn’t about YOU (or your fears about appearing pushy), it’s about serving your client!

I guarantee you that when your intention is to serve your prospects (and not to sell as much as you can to any poor fool who happens to cross your path), your sales will soar.

So stop selling, and start serving your prospects, and you’ll both get what you want.

Learn more at Ronnie’s upcoming seminar: “Learning the Secrets of Soft Selling” on March 27th, 6-9pm.

Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, the Marketing Coach, is a successful Vancouver, WA-based entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach who helps small businesses attract more clients. Ronnie’s web site is a comprehensive resource with free articles and valuable marketing tools for small office/home office business professionals. Visit her web sites at and, or call her at 360-882-1298.

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