Know What Your Customers Want

by Bill Horton, founder of BizFix.  Bill has developed curriculum and taught at Mercy Corps Northwest for the past four years, preparing entrepreneurs to operate their own businesses.

Have you met with a client, bid for a job or written a proposal and you thought you answered their questions and presented yourself well, but nothing happens.  You don’t get the client, the job or anything, and you’re left wondering why.  Did you really answer their questions or address what they needed?

Come find out how to improve your engagement with clients and find out what they really need.  Improve your ability to address their needs instead of just selling yourself or your product.

Come sharpen your skills and discover:


  • How to “See Your Customers First”.
  • What your Customers really want from you.
  • What You Want vs. What They Need
  • Why do they want to work with you?

Wouldn’t it feel great to end a new client meeting or write a proposal with a clear idea of what your customers wants?  Imagine how great you would feel to end a meeting with clear idea of what the next steps would be.  No more wondering…

How do you measure success with your customers?  Are you ready to get different results?  It’s simple, and it’s not about you…it’s about them!

Learn how to know what your customers want, and more, at Bill’s upcoming seminar: September 19, 2012, 6-8pm.
Reserve your spot now!

Bill Horton began BizFix to challenge, encourage and inspire small businesses to become incredible.  Moving from a career in corporate Sales Training and Customer Engagement to owning a successful specialty market for over 12 years, Bill realized his true passion while offering business advice to neighboring retailers and consultations with customers ready to start their own ventures. These were the conversations that drove him to sell his shop and start BizFix.  Bill runs BizFix with the firm belief that every business owner has the opportunity to improve their process. To grow their capacity. To reignite the passion that drove them to start their business in the first place, and using it to improve their bottom-line and ultimately their lives.

Bill is ever honing his craft while helping as many business owners as he can. He has developed curriculum and taught atMercy Corps Northwest for the past four years, preparing entrepreneurs to operate their own businesses. He provides advising for Portland Ten, a company that runs and licenses capacity-building business programs, and he volunteers with community outreach programs at the University of Portland’s Center of Entrepreneurship.

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