Business Foundations II: Next Level Workshop – Mondays 4-7pm

Business FoundationsAre you ready to grow your business, become more efficient and generate additional revenue?  If so, our Business
Foundations ll:
Next Level Workshop is designed for you.  This engaging, effective four-week course provides the opportunity you need to explore business fundamentals more deeply. The class focuses onyour specific day-to-day challenges and opportunities, and you will use your own business as a case study during the class.  These small, action-oriented classes allow for individualized attention and hands-on learning, so you can effectively tackle the challenges and fully explore the opportunities facing your business.Topics covered in this course include:

  • Changing business processes to increase your capacity as both owner and manager
  • Converting sales opportunities into repeat customers
  • Introducing new products or finding a new target market
  • Scheduling your time, and focusing on revenue generating tasks
  • Defining your sales process and calculating projections
  • Keeping up with demand while expanding strategically
  • Telling customers your story
  • Receiving support from other business owners with similar challenges

This class is for business owners who:

  • Have one year of revenue
  • Are willing to commit to four weekly sessions and 3-4 hours of research and business development activities each week
  • Are ready to participate with and support other business owners
  • Are ready to see changes take place in their business

Meet Your Instructor, Bill Horton!

What do our Foundations II graduates have to say?

Next Level Business Workshops are a perfect chance for the harried small business owner to take a deep breath and focus on breaking down their biggest challenges step by step. The class is very self-guided, almost like a small business therapy session. The questions and evaluations asked in the class require you to get a handle on your details and collect honest information about where you stand in your business – how you’re spending your time and money, what your costs really look like, who your customers are – and use that information to set a road map for increased success.

If you’re running a business and putting your paperwork on the back burner, or feel like you’re always doing a million things but not getting where you need to be, and you haven’t stopped to thoroughly take stock of what’s happening and how to change course, this workshop is a great opportunity to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and set off in the right direction with new resolve.

– Brian Watson
Sick String Guitar
Portland Custom Shop
1115 SE Morrison, Portland OR 97214

Times: The course consists of four 3-hour sessions. Class is held on Mondays 4:00 – 7:00pm on the following dates:

  1. May 2
  2. May 9
  3. May 16
  4. May 23

For scholarship availability and questions? Contact Che Wong, 206-547-5212 x102,[email protected]

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