OPB: Tackling Asset Poverty with Innovative New Program

CIT photo OPB story

MCNW Executive Director, John Haines, and the team involved in the Community Investment Trust at Plaza 122 in Southeast Portland, were featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting recently for their innovative approach to tackling the issue of asset poverty.

Listen to the story here:

2 responses to “OPB: Tackling Asset Poverty with Innovative New Program”

  1. Lookatme says:

    I just heard this story on Marketplace. I love the idea! I have been trying to think of ways to do this for myself. Can you bring this to Chester, PA? Wilmington, DE? Camden, NJ? Philadelphia, PA

  2. Great segment on PBS. I have been trying to do this for years.I have been working with African-american Churches in Sacramento , CA. My dad started a program in the early 60’s trying to do this without the non-profit designation. Very interested in possible bring this to sacramento , Ca.

    Sacramento , Ca 95835

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