Red Sauce Pizza Continues Strong Opening in Cully Neighborhood

Shardell Dues loves pizza. Always has, and always will.

Her love for tossing a perfect crust and mastering the art of intricately topping a pizza started when she began making pizzas in her teens. Unlike many whose dreams fade away with their youth, Shardell’s pizza infatuation and excelled with her years of experience. Over time, Shardell climbed the pizza ladder, claiming the coveted title of manager at Portland’s beloved Apizza Scholls. When she decided to open Red Sauce Pizza in 2015, it was a dream long overdue.

Those who know her can verify – she knows the secret to crafting a delicious pizza pie. Backed by passion, experience and a loan from Mercy Corps Northwest, Shardell launched her own Portland pizza shop on NE 42nd Ave in October 2015.

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Shardell’s shop continues a longstanding tradition of pizzerias who have called the Cully neighborhood. In fact, Red Sauce Pizza calls their shop home in the same address as Bob’s Pizza had for decades preceding. “We are so proud and excited to carry on the tradition of the Cully neighborhood pizzeria that Bob’s Pizza began in 1971. For the last four decades, this building has been home to a pizza shop, changing ownership and names along the way,” Shardell recounts.

As she prepared to open, Shardell found the original sign Bob used for his shop, and now displays it in the same way he did – upside down.  When Shardell asked Bob why he put the sign up this way, he explained it was simply because it was great marketing. “In an age before the internet and viral or social media marketing, you had to find a way to stand out,” notes Bob. People in the neighborhood would see the sign, and inform him of the error, thinking it was a mistake.  He would always answer with a surprise and then proceed to sell them his pizza.

Shardell with Bob - Former Bobs Rocket Pizza Owner

Shardell with the original owner, Bob Cassidy

Describing her style, Shardell says, “Our pizzas are made with a slow fermentation process with organic flour from Central Milling.  So you get a chewy crunchy dough full of lots of flavor and a nice char on the bottom and lots of structure.”  She believes in quality ingredients and toppings – making the sausage, belly bacon, and Canadian Bacon all in-house.

Since opening in October of 2015, Shardell has been featured in numerous articles, including a feature in the Cheap Eats section of Oregon Live. Writer Ben Waterhouse sums it up well by describing Red Sauce Pizza as an unpretentious neighborhood spot serving major-league pies.”  

Not only does she make a great pie, but Red Sauce Pizza serves salads, sandwiches and calzones.  Shardell also has beers on tap, and now offers delivery as well.

The response from the neighborhood has been great since the shop opened, and Shardell hopes to continue this rich pizza tradition in Cully for years to come.

Visit Red Sauce Pizza online or in-person at the address listed below:

Red Sauce Pizza

4935 NE 42nd Ave

Portland, OR 97218


2 responses to “Red Sauce Pizza Continues Strong Opening in Cully Neighborhood”

  1. Mo D'angelo says:

    First time at Red Sauce tonite and was one of the best I’ve ever had! Loved seeing women running the place and the friendly unpretentious
    Atmosphere .!
    Will be telling all our friends too. Lucky us in this neighborhood !!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great pizzas!

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