Seven Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Small Business

Start from the outside and look in

    Here are some questions to ask: Who passes by your store? What kind of signage do you have at your store-front? Does your advertising speak to a certain demographic? Handing out coupons at the door, offering samples to passersby, or promoting your product using frequently updated signage are all ways to attract customers.

Host a community event with a newsworthy tie-in

    Hosting a community or a charity event is a great ways to advertise your business while also giving back. Consider teaming with other businesses nearby to offer promotions. For maximum impact, contact local media sources like radio channels, and email out reminders.

Host a seminar or workshop

    By educating potential customers on your business’ methods and products, you can attract more customers. As an example, a florist shop could host a flower-arranging class and realtors could host a house-staging workshop.

Use location-based services

    Groupon, FourSquare, ThinkNear, Facebook, and other services offer a free, easy way to plug your business in to the online world. Offering coupons or special deals via these mobile applications is a great way to boost your foot traffic during non-peak hours.

Engage old customers in new ways

    Keep your old customers in the loop about new products and services that your business offers. Consider sending out an email newsletter to your contact database or post it on social media sites.

Maintain a high level of customer service!

    It’s simple: a smile, great service, and enthusiasm keep customers coming back.

Stay in touch

    Try to keep track of your new and old customers through an email list. Offering free giveaways in exchange for signing up for an email list is always effective. Sending out regular updates about new products, company news, and events keeps your customers in the loop. Customers want to know that you value their patronage!


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