Trainer: Bobbie Stewart


The pursuit of happiness is doing what you love even when it puts the spotlight on someone else. Bobbie Stewart is a serial entrepreneur whose passion is engaging with and building start-ups. As a former business advisor with the SBDC and a current TIE XL Bootcamp instructor, her equanimity has helped guide entrepreneurs through their most difficult start-up moments. Bobbie believes that entrepreneurs possess strength and tenacity that are the building blocks of leaders.

Bobbie graduated Concordia University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and minors in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations and Finance. Her accomplishments include:

  • CEO, Curved Lines Boutique, LLC
  • Founder and President of KICIT investment club.
  • Independent contractor, Sisterlock loctician and natural hair certified.
  • Formerly with SBDC, advised over 100 start-ups. 2 years business plan instructor.
  • Freelance contractor hired to coach small businesses and develop operations plan.

Bobbie has chosen creating, developing, and launching small businesses as her career; teaching and mentoring are her passion. She started her adventure as an entrepreneur at the age of 16. Bobbie has had a number of wise and accomplished mentors as well as encouragement and support from family and friends. Building a business takes time, dedication and a village.

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