Trainer: Kari Morrison

Kari Morrison has one basic philosophy for  life and business one could also say The Golden Rule . Treat people in the way you would want to be treated.

Kari’s has her BA in communication with influence in journalism., she has completed the Conflict Resolution program at  Portland State University.  Kari is currently a consultant for Mercy Corps NW L.I.F.E. programs and an instructor for the Mercy Corps Northwest Business Foundations  I  Class.

Kari  understands and can relate to the thrills and let-downs of owning your own business. She owned a successful small business for 10+ years. She also has spent her career in management of the food and beverage industry for 30+ years. Kari has worked with many business owners in helping them to build, enhance and understand the day to day operations of owning and running their own small businesses.She has also assisted one large fine dining Restaurant Company in creating a 3 month off site management training program.

Kari is an expert when it comes to financials for startups and existing businesses. As a student of life she has become quite intuitive, observant and a leader in her field. Kari is excited and positive about helping people be the best of themselves and to be successful in their goals in business. Her excitement and positivity fills every room she enters.

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