Whatever You Need, She’s Got You: Michelle Elliott- Your Girl Friday

Creative doesn’t even begin to explain this business. Michelle Elliott started through Mercy Corps Northwest’s IDA, our Women in Business Seminars, and our loans programs. Being a single mother is hard enough, but finding a way to support yourself as well as children financially while still enjoying what you do seems like a fairy tale. Not for Michelle. She has proven that one can completely turn their life around with a unique business model.

Michelle’s business Your Girl Friday is a one stop shop for your hard to achieve tasks such as event planning, errand running, organizing, personal shopping, yard work, building furniture, and so much more. Getting the job done is her top priority when it comes to helping anyone. She works diligently and promises her customers the best service she can. Her curiosity with the way things are built and get done have driven her to pursue her passion for helping others see their tasks through to completion.

Although her previous work as a classroom teacher gave her joy, following her passions has proven to bring her success. With her easy-to-use website, people are able to schedule and contact her for specific tasks. Life is hard enough and when you have too much on your plate, it can feel overwhelming. With Michelle’s help, she hopes to lighten the laundry list of tasks someone may have.

When we asked her what inspired her to start her business she stated “I needed a major life change – I was ready to grow, to begin making my own dreams come true, to believe in myself and all of my capabilities.” She continues: “I never believed it when folks said ‘If you do what you love, it will work…’ now I do 100 percent!”

Her inspiration doesn’t stop there. She lets us know about how she has personally grown since starting her business:

“I have really learned the power of gratitude. Giving thanks and showing appreciation are such powerful ways to fill your own heart and soul with joy.”

Keep working, Michelle! If you’re interested in learning more or would like to work with her, visit: https://mlelliott.com/

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