The RTC Advocates for New Career Paths Through Deconstruction.

Deconstructing buildings, the careful removal of building materials in order to upcycle or re-use valuable materials (lumber, hardware, etc.) rather than demolish and load up the landfill, has been in use for centuries. But now, Deconstruction is getting much deserved attention.
Employment navigator, Luby Wind, RTC participant Anthony Rutherford along with nearly 50 Oregonians, offered testimony to Portland City Council in support of a Deconstruction Resolution. Unanimously voted in, this resolution requires homes older than 100 years to be deconstructed and will also provide training and employment opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment.
Thanks to a partnership with the Rebuilding Center, RTC job seekers will be able to explore new career training and job placement in this growing trade.  Since Deconstruction is a specialized skill a unique training program is being developed and should be rolling out in June, 2016.  The goal is to provide paid training and above-market wages.
To learn more visit:
To view the full video of the Portland city council session, follow the link below. Anthony’s eloquent testimony begins at around 2:55:00 into the video

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