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Micro-Business Assistance Program & Small Business (IDA) Grants



SAVE: Individual Development Accounts (IDA) matched-savings grants operate on an 8:1 match ratio.  Every dollar you save will be matched with $8 in grant money up to $4,000.  The length of time you save is 6 months, at a savings rate of $84 per month.

TRAIN: Complete required hours of business training or other technical assistance such as credit counseling, financial literacy, and tax preparation.

PLAN: Submit a business plan for approval. Templates are available and your training will help you.

BUY: After all requirements are met, receive a $4,000 grant for your business.

Minimum Eligibility:

  • Business located within Walla Walla County, Columbia County, and City of Milton Freewater
  • Business is a for-profit microbusiness with five(5) or fewer employees (including owner(s))
  • Source of earned income to make a monthly savings deposit of at least $84
  • Household net worth of less than $178,900 (assets minus liabilities)
  • Yearly gross adjusted household income less than 80% AMI (area median income) as indicated below
Family size Income limit
1 $39,150
2 $44,750
3 $50,350
4 $55,900
5 $60,400
6 $64,850
7 $69,350
8 $73,880

Our Micro-Business Assistance Program offers aspiring entrepreneurs an IDA Grant and relevant business education to start or grow their small business.


Applications for the 2021 Program have now closed. To receive updates about the program, including when the next round of applications will open please click here.

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For additional information, please contact:

Cinthya Montero

Program Manager

[email protected]