MicroMentor: Find the Business Help you Need


We are excited to provide quality one-on-one mentoring services through a partnership with MicroMentor, a global network of entrepreneurs and business experts. Micromentor is a free social platform that connects entrepreneurs with experienced mentors.

MicroMentor is a great place to continue expanding your business acumen after you have graduated from our Foundations I and other Mercy Corps Northwest classes.

Learn from experienced mentors in more than 50 industries. Our mentors have an average of 7 years of small business ownership and 14 years of management experience.

Tap into specialized expertise from over 5,200 active mentors, many of whom have faced and survived crises in their own professional journeys. They have expertise in financial planning, applying for loans and grants, pivoting to new business models, marketing to new customers, and adopting alternative sales channels, to name a few.

Gain an advocate for your success. Volunteer mentors dedicate an average of 14 hours per relationship. Many relationships continue for more than a year.

Are you applying for a loan or emergency funding? Research shows that working with a mentor on MicroMentor contributes to entrepreneurs’ financial management abilities. In fact, mentored entrepreneurs on MicroMentor are 8% more likely to access financial resources, over their peers.

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