Business Foundations I Homework



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Week 1

    1. Complete Track Your Spending.
    2. Read Elevator Speech with a Unique Value Proposition.
    3. Read Business Structure FAQ’s.
    4. Review the pro’s and con’s of Legal Entities.
    5. Read and complete Registration, Licensing and Taxes.
    6. Register your business (if ready).
    7. Find the license that you need.
    8. You may prefer to use the new Business Xpresspage for registering and licensing.
    9. Complete Week 1 Review


  1. Join the Foundations Facebook page for updates and events.

Week 2

  1. Complete Track Your Spending 2.
  2. Begin work on Start-up/Expansion Costs sheet.
  3. Read Facts for Consumers.
  4. Check your own credit report.
  5. Write and practice your 15 Word UVP for class presentation.
  6. Complete Week 2 Review

Week 3

  1. Start Competition Comparison.
  2. Begin Overhead Costs sheet.
  3. Read Conducting Focus Groups.
  4. Fill out Foundations Focus Group Request Form if you would like to get class feedback.
  5. Complete Analyze Your Target Market Questions.
  6. Complete first week of Monthly Spending Tracker.
  7. Complete Week 3 Review

Week 4

  1. Complete Conducting a Focus Group.
  2. Complete Target Market Worksheet.
  3. Read Ideas for Marketing Your Business, and choose 4 ideas that you are not already doing.  Bring to class.
  4. Complete What is a Typical Unit of Sale?
  5. Complete Competition Comparison from Week 3.
  6. Complete second week of Monthly Spending Tracker.
  7. Fill out Foundations Focus Group Request Form and send to instructor,  if you would like to get class feedback.
  8. Complete Week 4 Review

Week 5

  1. Read About the Business Plan
  2. Complete 3 month Marketing Plan
  3. Read Costs of a Typical Unit of Sale.
  4. Complete Typical Unit of Sale Worksheet.
  5. Complete Break Even Exercise for your business.
  6. Complete Demographic Research.
  7. Perfect your final UVP (Elevator Speech) for class presentation.
  8. Complete third week of Monthly Spending Tracker.
  9. Sign up for MicroMentor and join the Mercy Corps Northwest Group.
  10. Complete Week 5 Review

Week 6

  1. Set up appointments for 1:1 Business Counseling.
  2. Study for class The Business Plan Pieces.
  3. Find Business Plan Template
  4. Attend relevant seminars for your business.
  5. Complete Week 6 Review
  6. Get involved in Mercy Corps NW events.
  7. Continue to research and network!

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