Eatin’ Alive

Paige CommonWhile working with preschool children, Paige Common saw an opportunity to bring the healing power of food to busy families. Many of the children were coping with food allergies, ADD, ADHD, diabetes and behavior problems that can make routine meals and snacks a difficult challenge. Her mission to create a resource for these families led to the launch of her wholesale food business, Eatin’ Alive, specializing in raw, vegan and gluten-free grab-and-go products.

Paige built momentum with support from family, friends, neighbors and even her employers. When the time came to refine her concept and develop her business skills, she turned to the training resources at Mercy Corps Northwest (MCNW). In the Business Foundations I course, Paige had the chance to define a clear value proposition for her customers and practice a clear, compelling pitch. She learned how to effectively talk about her business and the positive impact of her products on children and families. She laid out the next steps for moving her business forward.

“I loved my teacher and group of other entrepreneurs while attending those courses,” Paige said. “The environment was very supportive and inspiring.”

Eatin' Alive

Recently, Paige and her 10 dedicated employees were thrilled to celebrate the company’s 5th anniversary. Eatin’ Alive can now be found at a network of targeted distributors including New Seasons, food cooperatives, and boutique food vendors in addition to a market stand at the Portland State University and King’s Portland Farmers Markets.

An earnest advocate/educator, in the coming year Paige hopes to continue growing her business and distinguish Eatin’ Alive as a catering option for yoga retreats both locally and internationally. She wants not only to provide customers with wholesome products but to educate people on simple ways to live healthier, happier lives. Eatin’ Alive is on a mission to bring soulful living of “healthy diets, hearty laughter and active lifestyle” to all.

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