Marshall’s Haute Sauce

Sarah Marshall’s business began in her garden, where an abundance of fresh ingredients grew for her cooking and canning projects. As she shared her creations with family and friends, they encouraged her to take the next step and refine her flavorful concoctions into marketable products. Today, Marshall’s Haute Sauce makes small batch hot sauces using locally sourced ingredients in Sarah’s unique flavor profiles, such as Habañero Carrot Curry made with habañeros and carrots grown by Willamette Valley farmers and salt harvested from the Oregon coast.

Before her business took off, Sarah needed help structuring her vision for Marshall’s Haute Sauce. She sought out the services of Mercy Corps Northwest (MCNW) and enrolled in the Business Foundations Class. With the help of MCNW she was able to write a strategic business plan, gain critical business knowledge and skills, and receive support from her fellow students and entrepreneurs. Sarah returned three years later to take MCNW’s Business Foundations II: Next Level Workshop course to help manage the business’s impressive growth, expanding into larger wholesale accounts such as Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, Anthropology and West Elm.

Marshalls Haute SauceSarah’s experience in class helped her realize she needn’t do everything by herself, and that the best business owners know when to ask for help. With guidance from her MCNW training and a robust network of entrepreneurs, she took the next big step and hired a staff. Marshall’s Haute Sauce now employs three people, with one full-time and two part-time employees.

The encouragement, insight and skills that Sarah gained from her peers and MCNW’s training program have proven indispensable to the growth of her business. As Marshall’s Haute Sauce rapidly expands, she maintains her original vision of bringing delicious, creative local food to the community. She hopes her culinary creativity will inspire others to be a part of their communities through the purchase and preservation of locally sourced food.

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