Matt’s BBQ

Matt’s BBQ
4709 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Full menu 11 am- 7 pm Thursday-Saturday.
Sandwiches, tacos and sides Wednesday 11 am-7 pm.

Congratulations to Matt Vicedomini, owner of Matt’s BBQ on being named best food cart of the year (along with Chicken And Guns, a cart on Hawthorne Blvd.) by the Willamette Week!  Matt was an IDA client that graduated in September of 2015. According to WW’s , “The little cart makes the finest Texas ribs in the city, white-oak smoky with a ribbon of aching pink and tenderness beneath. His chili-spiked hot links have whiplash snap, and you could die of heartbreak between bites of the succulent beef brisket, whose beautifully thick bark now comes equipped with piquant salt-and-pepper bite.”

As a cool side note, styling for the photographs for the article were provided by another MCNW client, Sugar Mountain Village!

Click here to see the full article!

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