Current MCNW VISTA Sites


The Arc of Multnomah-Clackamas — Portland OR

The Arc Multnomah Clackamas, located in Portland Oregon, provides advocacy, support, and services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). They strive to support a sociey in which people with all levels of ability have and embrace the opportunity to work, have relationships, contribute to their communities, and live life to the fullest.

Catholic Charities — Portland OR

Catholic Charities of Oregon is the largest social service agency in the Northwest and core to its mission is to help people move up the economic ladder out of poverty. The Family Success Center (FSC), a program of Catholic Charities Oregon is located in Portland, and provides services to low-income clients throughout the state.

Community Vision — Portland OR

Community Vision serves individuals with disabilities to increase their independence and self-determination. Their work is guided by the belief that all people, regardless of perceived ability, deserve



JOIN — Portland OR

JOIN is a lead organization in the community that creatively and collaboratively address issues like family homelessness, access to private market rental housing, culturally-responsive services, engagement with homeless individuals in organized camps and others.  JOIN is one of our community’s best assets in the fight to ensure that all of our neighbors have access to a safe and stable home.


Meals on Wheels People — Portland OR

Meals on Wheels People enriches the lives of seniors and assists them in maintaining independence by making nutritious food, social contacts and other resources easily accessible. Their community spans across Multnomah, Washington and Clark counties and serves clients in urban, suburban and rural areas throughout the three counties.

Mercy Corps, Community Investment Trust — Portland OR

The Community Investment Trust (CIT)* builds the possibility to strengthen communities and create empowered lives. The CIT offers a long-term path to collective, communal ownership of real-estate for investors starting from $10-$100/month. The CIT is a pilot program of Mercy Corps and currently serves the community of East Portland.

Mercy Corps, Community Resilience Team — Portland OR

The overall goal of the Cascadia PAR (Preparedness, Advocacy, and Response) Initiative is to increase the resiliency of communities in the NW in the face of a major earthquake or major disaster. We also hope to increase resiliency in Mercy Corps staff and position Mercy Corps to effectively respond to a significant disaster in the region. The Cascadia PAR Team operates within Mercy Corps and serves the communities in the Portland Metro Area.


Mercy Corps Northwest, LIFE Program — Portland OR

The Lifelong Information for Entrepreneurs (LIFE) program provides support to incarcerated women (“LIFE Inside”) and women returning to the community after incarceration (“LIFE Outside”) by administering a business and life skills training course inside prison and providing continued training and support after participants are released from prison. The 32 week, accredited LIFE Inside course empowers participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leverages the potential of self-employment to promote resilience, and economic stability. The program currently serves women at Oregon’s only women’s prison, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, with hopes of expansion to a men’s facility in the coming year.


Mercy Corps Northwest, Seattle Office — Seattle, WA

Mercy Corps Northwest helps build empowered, resilient communities in the Pacific Northwest through financial inclusion, education, advocacy and access to capital. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their life, especially those without ready access to resources. Mercy Corps Northwest is a part of Mercy Corps Global and serves communities in Oregon and Washington, largely in the Portland and Seattle Metro Areas.


Mercy Corps Northwest, Small Business Eduation Team — Portland, OR

Mercy Corps Northwest’s Small Business Education Program provides classes, seminars and consulting by industry experts to help small business owners and entrepreneurs improve their skills and access the support they need to successfully start and grow a small business.


Mercy Corps Northwest, Walla Walla Office — Walla Walla, WA

The new Mercy Corps Northwest (MCNW) office in Walla Walla, Washington supports low-income individuals in the Central Washington region achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations through our small business programs, including our Individual Development Account (IDA) program, Microloan program, business education program, and community partnership network.


NeighborImpact — Bend, OR

NeighborImpact, located in Bend, Oregon, supports people and strengthens communities and is dedicated to building a region where residents have knowledge, skills, and access to resources. They provide a diversity of wrap around services that not only meet basic human needs for food and shelter, but also enrich people’s lives by providing access to increased education, skills, and hope for the future.

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon — Portland, OR

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, located in Portland, Oregon, believes that all Oregonians should be able to afford nourishing food. We raise awareness about hunger, connect people to nutrition programs, and advocate for systemic changes to end hunger before it begins.


Rosewood Initiative — Portland, OR

The Rosewood Initiative, located on the Portland side of the Portland and Gresham border, does place-based community development; we connect and empower Rosewood neighbors to build a safe and prosperous, vibrant and inclusive community. Rosewood builds capacity in the neighborhood by helping people learn useful skills and by connecting friends, partners, and resources.

Warm Springs Community Action Team — Warm Springs, OR

The Warm Springs Community Action Team (WSCAT), located in Warm Springs, Oregon, promotes community development by empowering individuals and groups of people to realize their potential, become self-reliant, and affect positive change for themselves, their families, and their community. The Warm Springs Community Action Team is located on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, which covers 1,000 miles in rural Wasco and Jefferson counties.