Interested in Hosting a MCNW VISTA?


Our Request For Proposals (RFP) is now open for organizations interested in hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA member for the August 2021-22 service year. 

Deadline for applications is April 1, 2021. Organizations are highly encouraged to contact the VISTA Program Manager prior to submitting a full application to discuss the potential project.

Download RFP here: 2021-08_MCNW-VISTA-RFP-and-Application-Instructions

For application and supporting materials, email the VISTA Program Manager: [email protected]

Guidelines for Potential VISTA Host Sites:

  • Potential partnering organizations must be one of the following:
    • Public, private, or faith-based nonprofit organization (must have 501c3 status)**
    • Local, state, or federal agency
    • Tribal government

**For-profit entities—even those that are active in the community and/or are designated as a social enterprise—are not eligible to apply for a VISTA. We encourage you to connect with our business development services team if you would like support in expanding your business.

  • VISTA projects must focus on expanding economic opportunity through one of the following program areas:
    • Housing access & affordable housing
    • Homeless Services
    • Workforce development & job training
    • Microenterprise
    • Asset development (including IDA programs)
    • Financial literacy
    • Community development initiatives
  • Organizations must have a focus on fighting poverty in the community as VISTAs are not to be used for the purposes of providing general services; they may only focus on poverty alleviation.


  • Organizations will be asked to clearly demonstrate how their proposed VISTA programs address systemic rather than immediate needs.


  • Sites must be willing to follow all federal regulations concerning the VISTA program, one of which is a prohibition on members performing direct service.


  • Members cannot replace staff or fill a position that was recently vacated by staff.


  • Host organizations must provide a physical office location, substantial supervision, adequate organizational infrastructure, and all materials necessary to completing the VISTA project.


  • Most years, we require a cash match of between $8,000 and $9,000.  We endeavor to keep our match as low as possible while ensuring a high-quality experience for our members.



If you are a qualified agency with a project focused on economic development, housing, job skills training, asset building, or other community eceonomic development initiative and are interested in developing a VISTA project for your organization, please contact:

Olivia Rasmussen
VISTA Program Manager
Email: [email protected]

See our CURRENT VISTA SITES for more information on our current project partners.