Community Resilience


Our Community Resilience team focuses on supporting communities across the Pacific Northwest to be more resilient in the face of natural disasters. Alicia Bashir, featured above, is a Portland Preparedness Advocate who went through our Preparedness Advocate Workshop. “As a parent of four kids, being prepared for a disaster of any kind is very important to me,” she shares.

Our Work

Economic disparities widen after a natural disaster strikes – as inequalities related to insurance, savings and access to community-based resources widen. Our team combats these structural challenges by offering trainings for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits to counter the aftershocks of disasters and climate emergencies. Our key community programs are active in Oregon and include Preparedness Advocate Workshops, Business Continuity planning, and Continuation of Operations education.

Preparedness Advocate Workshops

Our Preparedness Advocate Workshops are facilitated with Multnomah County and Clackamas County to equip local community leaders, who speak English and at least one other language, with tools to train underserved communities in disaster preparedness. By providing community leaders with the knowledge they need to be prepared for an emergency, we’re bridging the divide to connect more people with the information they need when disaster strikes. This increases our community’s ability to respond and bounce back more quickly in the face of climate crises including fires, floods and severe weather events.

Business Continuity – Small Business

We advocate for giving small business owners the tools they need to grow and thrive. Our Business Continuity programs work with small business owners to create plans for continuing business after a disaster strikes. We know that small businesses support individuals, families, and communities. We work with our partners to determine how to do everything from keeping business operations afloat – to adapting entrepreneurial skillsets – in the face of environmental setbacks.

Continuation of Operations – Nonprofits

Many community organizations and nonprofits offer services that are central to community wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. In the event that a natural disaster strikes, continuation plans help organizations prepare for the worst case scenario, and develop plans to keep their facilities running. When we support local organizations, we ensure that our neighbors can access the care they need in the event of a climate emergency.

Community Resources

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