Credit Counseling with Landra Glover, November 11, 2019

Learn to Make the Most of Your Money

Poor or damaged credit affects individuals and families from all walks of life—but it doesn’t have to hold you back. Our one-on-one credit counseling sessions are a safe, confidential, and affordable way to begin restoring your credit, repaying your debt, and taking charge of your financial future.

During this 75-minute session, our consultant will work with you to put together a Credit Action Plan: a series of concrete steps tailored to your specific situation, to help you reach your personal financial goals. In addition to providing ongoing support and accountability, our professional financial counselor will also (if needed, and with your permission) be prepared to interact directly with creditors on your behalf, to negotiate a reduction in payment or pay-off.


About the Consultant

Landra has been working in financial empowerment since 2011, when she began serving as a financial education trainer and coach at Innovative Changes, a local non-profit community development financial institution. A lead facilitator of their four-part financial education series for three years, she has taught classes on everything from understanding one’s first paycheck to teaching kids about money. Landra holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from Warner Pacific College, and has a deep well of skills, knowledge, and experience in financial capabilities. She understands the power of helping someone learn to change their financial behavior, make decisions to implement those changes, and have access to the right products and services to act upon those decisions. A native of Illinois, she was raised in Oregon. In 2013, she beat out hundreds of applicants to be crowned Parent of the Year by the National Head Start Association. She loves cookies, fashion, music, dancing, books, and traveling.


We are thrilled to be able to offer people of color scholarships to any training activity. Eligible clients need to have a home or business address within the city of Portland. Our goal is to make business education accessible to everyone in our community. Link to Online Application.

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR A TRAINING ACTIVITY IF YOU PLAN ON APPLYING FOR A SCHOLARSHIP – wait until your scholarship application has been approved or denied, and then proceed with registration. You will be contacted via email after we receive your application. Questions? Email [email protected]

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are available up to one week prior to the start of the class. If you are unable to attend, we will do our best to accommodate your situation. Registration is not complete without payment.

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