Master Your Credit Seminar – Seattle, June 22nd, 5:30-7pm

How’s Your Credit?

Do you know how to:

  • Request a copy of your credit report?
  • Assess what a good credit score is?
  • Dispute incorrect information?
  • Prioritize which debts to pay off first?

Master Your Credit is your opportunity to learn the answer to these questions, create a plan for improvement of your credit, and act!

Participants have reported:

  • Average improvement in existing credit score of 39 points
  • For no existing credit score, average improvement of 680 points

About this seminar

Master Your Credit is a great opportunity to gain a better awareness of what your credit score means.  At the end of this seminar, you will have a better understanding of what factors affect your credit, why it matters, and how you can earn the score you want.

ELIGIBILITY: This seminar is open to all 

Location of Seminar:

The seminar will take place at the Central Library in the Washington Mutual Foundation Meeting Room (located on Level 4, Room 1).

Event Details

Date & Time:


Seattle Public Library-Central Library | Seattle Public Library-Central Library, 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, USA
Seattle Public Library-Central Library, 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, USA

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