Seminar: Measuring The Success of Your Business

About Your Seminar

You woke up to an idea, you planned a business, and you wrote a plan. But you left out a few details –  the measures of success” and “key performance indicators.” How do you know you succeeded?

A lot of people say they want a goal, but cannot tell that they completed it. How will you know?

You say you wrote a business plan. A business plan may include data, such as financials, but do you know the deeper levels that transcend?

This seminar will explore the levels of meaning, the effects of your outcome, and the hidden qualities you personally carry that keep the business going when the going gets rough. The “Measures of Success” seminar will give you a map, ask questions that answer how to plan goals with a flow that feels right. You will see and hear how your goal was achieved. This is a plan for success and how you will know that you have it with key performance indicators.

Takeaways you can expect from this seminar include:

1. Learn how to determine what you want and what you already have to support your success
2. Determine what you bring to the table for success
3. Determine if you have everything in you or do you need outside help.
4. Remove blockage that you may not be aware
5. Create a map to perform with meaningful actions for the future.

About Your Presenter

Cat Wilson is principal of Apositiva, LLC and Synergyone Training. As a child she thought she’d grow up to be an artist… it turned out that people became her art. Cat works with many individuals on the path to living a higher life. Her services include coaching, training, and alternative hypnosis, NLP, and EFT. She’s worked in environments including hospital, law offices, high tech, non-profits, a graphic design firm, schools and colleges.

Cat developed training to meet the gap, such as “Growing Coach Training” program (Board Certified by CCE) and “Pediatric Coach Magic!” with associates. She’s led retreats, presented talk shows, and online classes.  In 2005, Cat won a World Award for her work in inspiring children in confidence. In 1992, her design firm was presented with the Bronze Award in New York for recycled packaging design. Cat Wilson is a “creativityologist.”​

Event Details

Date & Time:


Mercy Corps Northwest | 43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA
43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA

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