Seminar: Using Excel For Your Business

About Your Seminar

Lots of tools are available to help manage your business. One of the simplest and most powerful available tools is Excel (and its free twin, GoogleSheets). Join us for an interactive seminar for beginner level Excel users where we will practice using Excel and making it work for you! Please bring a laptop/tablet or other device if you’d like to practice during the seminar and learn as we do.

In this Seminar you will walk away with the following:

  • What is Excel and GoogleSheets and why bother?
  • Basic uses and easy functions such as: how to interact with all cells, how to create a new sheet within the same document, how to import documents, and how to access formulas
  • The skills to build a basic budget.
  • Tips and shortcuts to make Excel easier and faster for you and your business.

Meet Your Presenter

Beth Carter decided her love of math would lead her into Engineering at age 14. She spent many years in manufacturing and is always curious about how things are made. From Engineering, Beth proceeded to learn and serve in Project and Program Management, Business Development, Marketing and Leadership positions. She has used Excel a shocking amount in all of those and admittedly always has more to learn.

Beth loves to meet new people, share experience and use humor to get through any challenging situation.

In her spare time, Beth runs long distances, loves to cook and is a voracious reader. She uses lots and lots of ways to track everything from running to menu planning and can bore with you with those details!


Event Details

Date & Time:


Mercy Corps Northwest | 43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA
43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA

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