Women in Business: Transform Your Cash-Eating Business Monster to a Money-Making Machine

Are you tired of having nothing left over in the bank at the end of the year, let alone the end of the month? Feel like all you do is hustle, and there isn’t anything in the bank to show for it? Maybe even seeing a little upward creep in those credit card balances?

NOW is the time to create a business where you can actually see the money left over at the end of the day…and have more fun in your life with it! The key is to shift how you manage your mindset. In this workshop Connie Vanderzanden will give you the steps that once implemented will immediately create more money in your business. It can be that easy!

Here’s what you’ll learn on this content-packed workshop:

  • How to make money choices that work for you – we’ll go over a specific process that you can begin using right away saving time and money.
  • The exact numbers to look at and how to read your numbers so that you can make choices that lead to hitting your goals and save more than ever.
  • How to own your numbers so that you can be empowered to make change.


After the workshop, you will have steps you can implement right away to shift your thoughts and actions creating a more sustainable, profitable business


About the Instructor



Connie Vanderzanden is the CEO of the ADI Accounting Team: focusing on outsourced accounting services and cash flow planning. Connie’s knowledge spans 30 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, a variety of industry knowledge, and her own real-life business growth journey since 2001. It is her mission to teach business owners the simple steps, financial discipline, and structure to finally be able to create and save money and live the lifestyles they choose. Connie, a true Oregonian, being born, raised, and currently living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Where she spends time with her husband of 31 years and their two “fur kids.”



*In partnership with Prosper Portland, we are thrilled to be able to offer people of color scholarships to any  training activity. Eligible clients need to have a home or business address within the city of Portland. Our goal is to make business education accessible to everyone in our community. Please follow the steps outlined on the following page to be considered for this opportunity: Prosper Portland Scholarship.

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR A TRAINING ACTIVITY IF YOU PLAN ON APPLYING FOR A SCHOLARSHIP – wait until your scholarship application has been approved or denied and then proceed with registration. You will be contacted via phone or email by Prosper Portland after we receive your application. Questions? Call Effie Stansbery at 503-896-5075

Event Details

Date & Time:


Mercy Corps Northwest | 43 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR
43 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR

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