Women In Business Seminar: EQ: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

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Daniel Goleman defines emotional intelligence in four domains: self awareness, social awareness, self management and managing others. These skills are critical as you build a business, seek funding, develop a team, and market your product. This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools you’ll need to develop confidence, earn respect, and foster trust as a professional.

Registration for this workshop includes lunch and child care, a value of $40.

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Lori Eberly, founder of Radius ECD, is an expert at providing in-depth analysis on the bad habits damaging trust and ruining teams.

A decade as a hospice social worker trained her to quickly establish trusting relationships amid crisis and chaos.

Those skills — emotional intelligence, self-awareness and rabid curiosity — are the foundation of the company and the value it brings to clients.

She brings that skill set to her practice as an executive coach and organizational development consultant. Lori also provides actionable strategies to overcome these habits, reclaim lost productivity, repair disabled communication and root out what threatens success.

The success Lori’s clients have when they apply her methods motivated her to write a book to advance leadership. The book, co-authored with Jonathan Sabol, is called Fuckery.

Lori founded Radius ECD in 2014 after three years as an executive coach in Europe, Asia, and across the US. She has a Masters degree in social work and an obsession to teach leaders about their brains. Her keen insight and Socratic approach connect people to their goals and to each other.

Lori lives in Portland, OR with her family and loves puttering in her yard and hiking the PNW.

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  • Sat, Sep 14 2019 | 10am-1pm
    No seats left
Mercy Corps Northwest | 43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA
43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA

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