Women In Business Seminar: Your Business Doesn’t Have a Money Problem

About Your Seminar

Learn about the biggest barrier to having a successful business – your relationship with money. You will discover that who you are with money is more important than money itself and how to unlock the best version of yourself who makes financial success inevitable both in your business and in your life.

During the second session of this seminar you will learn about the practical money habits and skills that grow your business. Discover the habits that may be holding you back from having the business growth you want and how to master new money habits that empower you, not distract you.
Key Takeaways: 
  • Discover who you need to become to transform your relationship with money and make your dreams a reality.
  • Why most people work backwards to get better results and in the process burnout, create overwhelm, and frustration pulling them further away from what they want.
  • Learn what identity you’ve been working from that may be limiting your potential and causing you to make poor decisions in your business.
  • Discover the 4 Foundational Money Skills necessary to fulfill your business goals and your dream life.
  • Uncover the habits that you are currently engaged with that may be holding you back from having the kind of money you desire.
  • Learn how to create better money habits that move you closer to your goals and feel aligned with who you are and what you want.

About Your Presenter

Chris Wilborn helps creative dreamers and influencers who have a huge heart and passion for making an impact in the world, yet need to overcome their limits, self-doubt, and obstacles with money which keeps their dreams bottled up inside and their impact unseen, unheard and unfelt.

Chris’s work allows you to unlock the version of yourself that makes your dreams go from feeling impossible to helping you discover WHO needs to show up to make financial success and your wildest dreams inevitable.

The reality – you need money to make certain dreams come true, but money isn’t the real burden that’s standing in your way of making your dreams a reality. It’s who you are with money and your money habits that create the biggest impact on what’s possible for your future.

You get to creatively choose the best version of you that you want to step into to make your dreams inevitable and your relationship with money unshakable so that you can live a life of freedom AND fulfillment. Chris combines her experience as a Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Applied Neuroscience to help you transform your relationship with money from the inside out which puts you in the driver’s seat of your dreams.

Event Details

Date & Time:


Mercy Corps Northwest | 43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA
43 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR, USA

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