About Just

Just is supported by Mercy Corps Northwest’s LIFE prison re-entry program. Since 2007, our job skills training programs have supported Oregonians to build stronger lives once released from incarceration. Just: It’s more than just coffee, it’s building brighter futures outside of prison.

The Vision

The single greatest predictor for whether or not an individual will return to prison is joblessness. But getting a job once released is no easy task. Those with a criminal record face hiring discrimination, restrictions around accessing capital, and aftereffects of years behind bars.

How would you survive if you were no longer able to work for a year?

Just is a social program that employs women from our LIFE program, giving them the skills they need to build a successful career. Our research shows that skills in markets we train within translate well for employers who are looking to hire individuals post-incarceration. 

Support Just

Would you like to offer a donation, service or message of support for Just Coffe? If so, email Effie Bustamente at ebustamante@mercycorps.org. Just Coffee will open in 2020 and will be housed at Mercy Corps. Our menu offers a full selection of coffee and tea. Stop by and give us a visit!

Proudly Sponsored by Mercy Corps Northwest
As part of Mercy Corps, Mercy Corps Northwest invests in communities, uncovers breakthrough solutions, and fights for equitable opportunities across the Pacific Northwest. We know that when we invest in potential – individuals and families are given the ability to thrive, and not just survive.