MCNW IDA Client Matt’s BBQ Featured on Oregon Live

Congratulations to Matt Vicedomini on his write-up in Oregon Live, earning high praise on his brisket and ribs from food critic Michael Russell.

Matts BBQ OregonLive Pic

“But it gets one thing right that eludes nearly every other Portland-area barbecue joint: the consistency of its meat, particularly the brisket.

Smoked using white oak, that brisket has the super soft, almost gelatinous consistency you look for in top-quality barbecue. Hand sliced to order, it’s already my second favorite in Portland, after Podnah’s. The ribs were nearly as juicy. Sides and rubs can easily be dialed in. In many ways, Matt’s already has the hardest part down. ”

Matts BBQ Oregon Live Food Pic

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Matt’s BBQ

(516) 314-4739

4709 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Portland, OR 97211


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