Mercy Corps NW Hosts National Reentry Week Event

Mercy Corps NW Hosts National Reentry Week Event

Helping people return from prison to productive, law abiding lives.


Portland, OR (4.12.16)

_MG_9627The US Department of Justice has designated the week of April 24-30, 2016, as National Reentry Week.  This is an important milestone not only to recognize and appreciate the hard earned successes and solutions sprung from efforts in the reentry community but also to raise awareness of the issues and challenges still facing our communities and returning citizens.

“At the Department of Justice, supporting successful reentry is an essential part of our mission to promote public safety — because by helping individuals return to productive, law-abiding lives, we can reduce crime across the country and make our neighborhoods better places to live.”   Loretta Lynch, 83rd Attorney General of the United States

Mercy Corps NW hosted the Reentry Week gathering in the state on April 27th at the Mercy Corps Headquarters 43 SW Naito Parkway, at 4 pm, with speakers from community leaders and successful Reentry Transition Center program participants.

Each year more than 600,000 individuals return to our communities from federal and state prisons and another 11.4 million people from county jails.

One in four Americans has had contact with the criminal justice system — mostly for minor, non-violent offenses, and sometimes from many years in the past. But whether an arrest occurred recently or long ago, people with criminal histories, and
especially those folks who were recently-incarcerated, face complex and serious obstacles to successful reentry. The impact, and the long-term effect of a criminal record precludes motivated people from getting a job, a place to live, an education, and building credit , among other things. These barriers affect formerly incarcerated people, even those who have improved their lives and will likely not reoffend.

Ultimately, these barriers contribute to a cycle of incarceration that makes it difficult for even the most well-intentioned individuals to stay on the right path and stay out of the criminal justice system.

The public was invited to join us and learn about Mercy Corps NW’s Reentry Transition Center’s programs and hear from community leaders and participants.

Take a look at photographs from the event below:



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