Mercy Corps NW Lending Team Partners with Hacienda CDC Food Business Boot Camp

Hacienda Food Business Boot Camp Graduates Are Now Pre-Approved for Streamlined Incubator Loans

The Mercy Corps NW lending team is excited to announce a partnership with Hacienda CDC to expand our Incubator Loans to participants of their Food Business Boot Camp program, Arrancando mi Negocio.

Graduates of the Micro Mercantes program can now access the same streamlined $1,000 Incubator Loans currently enjoyed by Mercy Corps NW Foundations and IDA participants.  The underwriting is simple, the process is fast, and the use of funds is flexible to meet business needs.  Plus, if participants successfully pay off their first loan, they are then pre-approved for an additional loan of $2,500.   Learn more about the program by clicking here.


In March 2016, Mercy Corps NW launched this new lending product that made small dollar loans readily available to Foundations and IDA graduates.  Since then, over 30 participants have accessed a streamlined $1,000 microloan to get the capital they need and build their credit.  Now, with our partnership with Hacienda CDC, Food Business Boot Camp and Arrancando mi Negocio participants can access the same opportunity.

If you are a Food Business Boot Camp or Arrancando mi Negocio participant and want to learn more, find out the details here.

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