“Opening a gym has led me to enormous growth and strength as a woman and as a coach.”

For Robin, Mixed Martial Arts began as a way to work through a rough patch in her life- to reduce her frustrations and develop her confidence. But soon she rose to considerable success as an amateur flyweight in MMA with a title of Superfight Champion.

Her love of the sport is tied to a sense of community and empowerment. “Women’s self defense is popular, and MMA goes beyond that. It’s all-around fitness and intertwines mental toughness with technique,” Robin says. “To do MMA right, you need a sense of family- it’s nothing like being alone on a treadmill to lose weight. It pushes you like nothing else.”

Despite her passion for the sport, Robin confronted sexism and other negative attitutdes among her MMA peers. She decided she would need to open per own gym or quit MMA. Robin opened her gym, World Class Athletics, backed by a team of Mercy Corps Northwest loan officers and the financial support of a loan to fund new gym equipment.

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